South Africa
Causes of Climate Change & Essential Solutions
Posted by Khethindlelenhle Primary, South Africa on 30 January 2020

The lesson was valuable for me & the learners because we learnt a lot about climate change which is a global crisis & it is not affecting only poor countries but alo the well off countries. Learners have an understanding of how & why we are having more droughts & heavy floods, the lesson raised more awareness to myself & the learners on how we should  look after our nature. The learners made an inexpensive model of a solar cooker/oven that uses recyled materials, some of the learners were so excited in such a way that they promised to make their own model of a solar cooker at home. They lesson was so informative & the practical lesson which linked to the session that was held made learners more awere, since they learn more by doing.

khethindlelenhle Primary Educator (Mrs Buthelezi) wrote

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