South Africa
Proudly South African
Posted by Reichenau Primary , South Africa on 15 December 2020

Whilst the school building is beautifully situated on the Pholela River in the shadow of a very ornate Trappist Monastery Church, the grounds are fairly neglected and in dire need of a little indigenous cheering up. Today we created an indigenous flower garden populated with star Jasmine, cotyledons ( Pigs Ears) crussula and Kranz Aloe. A significant difference. We use the material readily available and used river stone to create an organic edge. After a very energic digging and planting session, Julia taught the learners the foundations of plant identification by doing a scavenger hunt to find different leaf shapes, margins, bases and leaf arrangements. They also learnt to distinguish common invasive alien plants form indigenous varieties and looked at methods to control them. A fun and informative day was had by all.

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