Case Study
Szkoła Podstawowa w Rumianie
Jak uczynić z realizacji misji sukces
Theme: Team
Szkoła Podstawowa w Rumianie

Primary School in Rumian, Poland – taking the challenge to another level!


Ks. Jan Twardowski Primary School in Rumian for many years has conducted environmental activity. It took part in many educational programs aimed at protecting the environment. The implementation of activities related to the respect for natural resources, conducting education for sustainable development brings many benefits for the environment.

Water Explorer is a program that provides many opportunities for joint water-related activities. A wide range of educational materials allows flexible approaches to the program. The program integrates "Water Explorers" team with the coordinator. They seek for common solutions, ally in the implementation of activities related to the protection of water. Experiments, demonstrations are important part of the students’ education process, and at the same time they become aware of the fact that action should be taken to protect water resources.

One of the challenges has been an inspiration to organize in our facility scientific seminar "ECOTRENDS- or how to use rainwater?". In collaboration with many institutions we could show that realizing the challenge “Precious water’ led to integrate the entire local community and our students through a variety of projects (musical montage, flyer, dance) and helped to show what benefits we can achieve developing rainwater. The main objective of the project was to raise the environmental awareness of residents of the municipality Rybno and to demonstrate practical ways to use rainwater. For our Water Explorer programme, great success was the issue of material in Olsztyn Regional Television (23.03.2015r.) "Lesson on saving water" (link: In addition, the local press has described our project in the local newspaper "Gazeta Działdowska". Moreover, the video was recorded, which encourages other institutions to familiarize yourself with the program researcher of water and seek common water challenges.

These actions strengthened our conviction that undertaking common communal initiatives gives a lot of satisfaction and a sense of full responsibility for the fate of the Earth.

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