Case Study
Beating a path to the Mayor’s door
A school in Italy take action to mobilise the local community
Theme: Community Engagement
Explorers collecting water usage data using their surveys

An important goal for Water Explorer teams is to inspire others to adopt water conscious behaviours.  The Ormea Water Explorer team took this ambition to the heart of their local community by holding a Water Festival in their town square in Rome, near their school.

Ever the keen scientists, the students conducted a survey related to the daily use of water. The objective was to collect as much data as possible about people’s daily water use and behaviours so that they could determine their water footprint.   Locals from all walks of life got involved – including shop assistants from the local shops, waiters in the neighbouring bars and local business owners.

The students discovered that most people turned off the tap when they brushed their teeth but there was still much to be done to reduce their water footprint.  Armed with this new-found knowledge, the Water Explorers are now creating a plan to mobilise the local community to improve their water-related behaviours.

This pioneering project was also noticed by the local authority.  This is an amazing achievement in a big city like Rome where local authorities can be difficult to reach!

Their simple desire to actively involve their community in being water conscious has catapulted the Ormea team to the fantastic position of becoming the voice of the community’s environmental needs.  Having gained the attention of the local authority, they sky is the limit to what these young pioneers will achieve. 

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