Case Study
Water Cycle
Explorers find out about the Water Cycle on their desert Island
Theme: Understanding

Las Palmas, Canary Island is virtually a desert that has a heavy dependency on valuable water resources to support locals and its vibrant tourism industry.  The Water Explorers set out to truly understand the complex water cycle on their island.

The team visited all the parties involved in the water cycle. They learnt about the energy dependant industrial system that provides their drinking water through desalination plants, how the water is distributed and the importance of sewage treatment plants.  They also gained an appreciation of the island’s reliance on natural ancient reservoirs that are gradually being exhausted.

Inspired by all that they had learnt, the Water Explorers created cardboard mock-ups which they used to show fellow students at school, as well as their families, the importance of the water system in the island.   They drew particular attention to how personal actions at each stage could reduce water usage and, equally important, the impact of pollution.

Water Explorer really brought to life how critical a resource water is on the island for the whole school.  With this shared understanding, all the children are now making every drop count. 

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