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Posted by Felsted Preparatory School , United Kingdom on 5 August 2015
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Water butt is the challenge taken by the school to save water. Students of IPGS  collected water during rainy season from last two weeks whenever it rained in a container in school as well as at home.

A container was used to collect water in  school.


•As visible by the graph rainfall during two weeks could save only an amount of 1.2 litres of water in a single container . This was probably due to scanty rainfall even during the monsoon period in Noida, IPGS locality.

 •It was also observed that as rainfall in India is very erratic that is-- only for a few months(July to September). In some areas rainfall is heavy and in some areas there is almost no rainfall so, rain collection is a difficult task .

 •Due to our team work people got understood  many easy ideas to save water at home.

•People became more aware to save water.

 •The students talked about the water butt project with their families and friends. This encouraged the community as a whole in becoming more aware of the water challenges our world of today faces and learnt about simple ways of preserving water

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